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A Pillow’s Letter……

Dear babygirl,

I have known you for a quite long time. People know only the best part of yours. But, I know your worst nightmares,bitter secrets, untold stories and deeper scars. They could see only the smile in your eyes.But,you know what?I know that you  hide all your anger,emotions, frustration, ego behind that pretty smile. You console yourself that you are  fine but as the dusk falls and reality hits, you run to me seeking a nice healing hug to accept the reality.

I knew all your best and worst phases. I knew  everything right from the first time you sneak peaked for a movie date  to the last time when he hurt you with the sickle of words. you trust me because I never backstab you. I never gossip about you.I never talk your back. I understand you without much explanation.I accept you as a whole with all your flaws. I never judge you because I know you more  than lots of  people out there. You trust me as a whole and I promise you to trust and love you back. The more deeper the pain, the more stronger a girl becomes. I wish you,my baby girl to grow stronger day by day. No matter who leaves you, I ll never at any cost. Cheer up!!

With love,

your pillow ❤

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Profound Friendship


It was just an other day, until that friend request popped up in Facebook. I couldn’t even believe my eyes and my hands were trembling . I literally jumped out of my chair and screamed out of joy. My memories started gearing backwards to 1998.

 I  tried upon my new shoes, new uniform, a little ponytail and was all set to rush into my LKG.I still remember how I was a way too excited for my first day to school.The day has arrived and I was hopping hither and thither out of joy. When all other kids were still crying and asked their parents to stay, I waved a bye to my  mom and asked her to leave. I even wondered why those kids were crying. And then, he came in with a mouth full of teeth and a hand full of chocolates. On seeing him,  I felt an eternal connection . I even felt the magic and sparks I suppose.  To my immense surprise he sat next to me and more importantly he gave me chocolates. We exchanged smiles and started playing together. Right from that day, we had those sparkling giggles, those flawless chitchats blah blah

One day, when he was absent for the classes, the bullies of my class mocked me down. The very next day, when he came to know about this, he became my protective shield.He holds my hands wherever we go. He never let me feel low.I saw him as my superhero without a mask. He collects all the Shakthiman stickers to gift as I  was a diehard fan of Shakthiman 😛 I did his homework when he collected stickers for me.He did everything which makes me go aww.We have been together through thick and thin and haven’t deserted each other. When I forget to bring my notebook, he hides his notebook and stands out with me. When he lost his Id card, I threw away mine and got punishment with him. He waits for me outside the school campus and we both walk in holding our hands together.We were like the craziest creatures on the earth. We were inseparable until the holidays after final exams.

He went to his native village and I remained here. Initially it was not that tough to overcome the loneliness. But, as days passed I began missing him even I had lots of playmates around my home. The only word came out of my mouth is his name. I started boring everyone by repeating the same story again and again. It was really tougher time for us to overcome. The holidays were called off and we merrily entered into U.K.G We even called ourselves ‘proud seniors'(impact from cinemas, never mind though). I told him the stories of how I missed him. To my surprise, he missed me too! And he promised that he will never leave me alone ever again. Cute little promise at the age of seven. Cute,right?

Years rolled and we were in our 2nd grade when he fought with me for his ‘geometry box’. Yes, I took his box and refused to give that back.He heated up the arguement and we had the worst fight of our life.The very next day,  I stepped in my classroom without  realizing that it would be my black day. I was surprised a bit as I couldn’t find him . I was disappointed with his absence and felt really bad. I thought he took off because of this fight and convinced myself. I couldn’t find him the following days and then I came to know that his Dad got transfered to some other city and they had shifted their house too. I was broken a bit but accepted the fact that he’s gone. I even accepted the fact that he had broken his promise.My very first friend, who was my bestie, who was irreplacable,who pacified my tougher times, who took care as a brother, who beared all my endless talks had gone. And then I had no one to save me from those bullies.

Reality hits, when a message pops up in the messenger. I hopped on my chair again and click on the chat head. It’s a text from him. Guess what? The very first text from his is “Where’s my geometry box kiddo?” Haha! How crazy idiots we are! And then, that crazy idiot sent me Shakthiman stickers and fixed his broken promise 😛




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