I let you go. Yes, I let you go. That was the biggest mistake of my life. What will I  do without you? You are the sunshine of life.I haven’t tried to value you or understand you.  You stayed with me all this while when I don’t even need you. But now,I need you badly .Where did you go? Leaving me alone to face this world of morons.

I regret every single moment of my day for letting you walk away from me. The days are too dark and nights are too scary. I once had a thought that money can give me everything I want. I treated you like a crumbled paper  and ran behind those printed papers, so called money.Now, I have those printed papers and not you. I won this battle of earning. But, I lost  you in the long run. Come back to me, please , MY INNER PEACE. My life has become a difficult maze without you. I need you to fix everything right. Come back to me,please,come back to me.