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He walked away, waving his hands, just because I’m needy….

He walked away, shattering my heart, just because I’m needy…

He walked away, ruining my smile, just because I’m needy…

He walked away, ripping my soul , just because I’m needy…

He walked  away, throwing me to hell, just because I’m needy…

He walked away, with all his heart, just because I’m needy…

Yes, I’m needy…. 

All I need is your PRIORITY

All I need is your ATTENTION

All I need is your TIME…

All I need is your LOVE

All I need is your  HEALING HUGS

All I need is your PHONE CALLS

All I need is YOU, only YOU… 😦 😦



A Pillow’s Letter……

Dear babygirl,

I have known you for a quite long time. People know only the best part of yours. But, I know your worst nightmares,bitter secrets, untold stories and deeper scars. They could see only the smile in your eyes.But,you know what?I know that you  hide all your anger,emotions, frustration, ego behind that pretty smile. You console yourself that you are  fine but as the dusk falls and reality hits, you run to me seeking a nice healing hug to accept the reality.

I knew all your best and worst phases. I knew  everything right from the first time you sneak peaked for a movie date  to the last time when he hurt you with the sickle of words. you trust me because I never backstab you. I never gossip about you.I never talk your back. I understand you without much explanation.I accept you as a whole with all your flaws. I never judge you because I know you more  than lots of  people out there. You trust me as a whole and I promise you to trust and love you back. The more deeper the pain, the more stronger a girl becomes. I wish you,my baby girl to grow stronger day by day. No matter who leaves you, I ll never at any cost. Cheer up!!

With love,

your pillow ❤

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Letting you go…….

I let you go. Yes, I let you go. That was the biggest mistake of my life. What will I  do without you? You are the sunshine of life.I haven’t tried to value you or understand you.  You stayed with me all this while when I don’t even need you. But now,I need you badly .Where did you go? Leaving me alone to face this world of morons.

I regret every single moment of my day for letting you walk away from me. The days are too dark and nights are too scary. I once had a thought that money can give me everything I want. I treated you like a crumbled paper  and ran behind those printed papers, so called money.Now, I have those printed papers and not you. I won this battle of earning. But, I lost  you in the long run. Come back to me, please , MY INNER PEACE. My life has become a difficult maze without you. I need you to fix everything right. Come back to me,please,come back to me.

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